Confirmed Carmen, Cruel Skymarcher + Rhox Faithmender + Cleric Class creates an infinite loop that can only be escaped by conceding the game

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I saw this interaction in a 4 player commander game with the specific cards Carmen, Cruel Skymarcher, Rhox Faithmender and Cleric Class and was able to recreate it in a single-player game with a test deck. I know it works with these three cards but it might work with other lifegain replacement effects, I'm not sure I've only tested it with these three.

Anyways once you get a lifegain trigger the two replacement effects from Cleric Class and Rhox Faithmender appear, Carmen gets the +1/+1 trigger, you get the life... and then the replacement effects from Cleric Class and Rhox Faithmender pop up again. Once again you get the +1/+1 counter, the lifegain.... and then the cycle repeats, with no way to get out of it other than conceding the game.

Included are screenshots from the single player test game where I was able to recreate the bug.


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Can confirm in testing that this creates a loop that doesn't seem to end, but I can't for the life of me see why it keeps looping the triggers and replacement effects.

Carmen, Cruel Skymarcher {3}{W}{B}
Legendary Creature — Vampire Soldier
Whenever a player sacrifices a permanent, put a +1/+1 counter on Carmen, Cruel Skymarcher and you gain 1 life.
Whenever Carmen attacks, return up to one target permanent card with mana value less than or equal to Carmen’s power from your graveyard to the battlefield.

Rhox Faithmender {3}{W}
Creature — Rhino Monk
If you would gain life, you gain twice that much life instead.

Cleric Class {W}
Enchantment — Class
If you would gain life, you gain that much life plus 1 instead.
{3}{W}: Level 2
Whenever you gain life, put a +1/+1 counter on target creature you control.
{4}{W}: Level 3
When this Class becomes level 3, return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield. You gain life equal to that creature’s toughness.

Event#270280052 Game#884313140