No Fix Planned Bug with Wall of Roots!


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There is a bug with wall of roots where it is coded so that you can't use it when you are paying for costs of a spell. Even though in Paper magic you're able to do so. I made a YouTube video explaining the bug some time ago.
Fixing this would be very helpful for decks playing wall of roots! this greatly impacts the cards chord of calling and eldritch evolution. Again in paper you're able to remove the final counter and kill the wall of roots while playing the cost of a spell like Eldritch evolution. but online you cannot do so! It's clearly stated here that you can do so, It would be great if mtgo worked that way!
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We are aware of this issue. We tried to address it via a mana refactor several years ago. Fixing this and similar issues (original Selvala, Kozilek's Translator, etc) requires more work hours than we can spare. Therefore, we have made the decision to have those abilities work at instant speed instead of mana speed. Please play accordingly.