Could Not Reproduce Bug involving the game time+activated ability of lightning greaves+triggered ability of Scute Swarm


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Event code:270304406

to execute the bug you need at least 4 players in a competitive Commander event, at least one activated ability of lightning greaves+ one triggered ability of Scute Swarm on the stack.

step 1: place the respective lightning greaves and scute swarm abilities on the stack.

step2: one of the players (except the one who placed the respective abilities from step1 on the stack) must maintain priority until their time runs out.

result: the match will freeze, preventing all players from continuing the game


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Tag applied: Could Not Reproduce
Testing applied: In a 4 player Commander match, with Leonin Shikari, Lightning Greaves and Scute Swarm on the battlefield, with priority, user 1 played a forest on the battlefield, triggering Scute Swarm and placed Lightning Greaves on the stack. Then passing priority to user 2 until he timed out.
Test Results: User 2 was removed from the game and the match continued as intended.