Brothers' War hype-thread


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Wondering what everyone is hyped about in the upcoming set.

Here are my two cents about the set (usually based on my non-professional views on standard):

My top 10 in random order probably include:

- Bladecoil Serpent (each mode seems pretty good, especially if you can cast it for RRUUUU it seems pretty sweet)
- Phyrexian Fleshgorger (seems really powerful, even at 3 mana, as good as Graveyard Tresspasser? maybe could be even better)
- Hostile Negotiations (very good card, will certainly find a home in at least a black based reanimator deck)
- Misery's Shadow (poor Nantuko Shade... powercreep is real)
- The Stone Brain (could be more than a niche sideboard card, problem is, that it never affects board state and thus could be really bad vs. aggro decks)
- Legions to Ashes (almost Vindicate, that sometimes has an upside... very solid and flexible removal)
- Mishra's Foundry (new standard staple due to lack of other manland choices... two mana to activate seems harsh, though... looks like a must have for control mirrors)
- Mishra, Claimed by Gix and Dragon Engine (probably easier to meld than the other two meld cards and both seem good on their own)
- Harbin, Vanguard Aviator (2 mana 3 power flier ... UW aggro soldiers looks good)
- Steel Seraph (one of the few prototypes that's actually good with blink)

Honorable Mentions:
- Gix, Yawgmoth Praetor (looks quite powerful in a black based aggro deck)
- Draconic Destiny (3 mana seems a steal for what you get, probably still not good enough)
- Myrel, Shield of Argive (4 mana slot in white probably overcrowded, due to Wandering Emperor)
- Siege Veteran (Luminarch Aspirant at 3 mana might be good, but the 3 mana slot is also quite overcrowded at the moment in white decks... doubt it will be better than Adeline, Wedding Anouncement or Anointed Peacekeeper)
- Painlands (obvious why, bread and butter cards... great to have, but not too exciting, though these exact 4 color combinations are quite good)
- Giant Cindermaw (not better than existing red 3 drops, nice stat-line and negating lifegain is actually useful from time to time... but certainly not better than Fable, Stormseeker or Squee)

Probably Overhyped (judging by paper pre-sale prices):
- Teferi, Temporal Pilgrim (5 mana for a Planeswalker that basically makes a 2/2 when it comes into play seems a lot... he really needs to stick around for a turn or two, then he's great, no doubt... but on the turn he comes into play, the impact seems too low)
- Haywire Mite (noncreature clause makes it probably worse than one would think)
- Sarinth Greatwurm (mtggoldfish currently lists this with a pre-sale price of 30$... uhm.... what? Fatty that costs 6 and then ramps... not sure who would pay 30$ for that... will very likely drop considerably in value within one week)

Anyways... these are just some of my random thoughts on the upcoming set. What do you think are hidden gems, overhyped hysteria or new staple powerhouses for standard.

Also excited for Mishra's Bauble in packs, maybe I can finally afford these when the supply is high.

Let's get the discussion going.


I was really hoping to get a Wurmcoil Engine for my cube and I did, so that's probably what I was most hyped about

Raymond Swanland is one of my favorite artists, and wurmcoil just looks too sick in that old border