AUK Changes-A Thought Cloud


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Hello MTGO team and the general community,

I would like to begin by saying I think that the change from 100-->60 play points is a net positive for the community. I recognize that win trading is bad for players and the company, and that this is a good step forward. That being said, getting into this game, especially on MTGO is already a Herculean task. You have to figure out a UI which is frankly outdated, decipher multiple coded event names, balance multiple different kinds of in game currency, all the while doing so with real hard earned money. The value of the AUK needs to be there, and so I propose two ideas. Because win-trading is concentrated in constructed leagues, giving a draft token(a mechanic we have seen in the past) to new players is a great incentive. Not only is draft a great learning tool for new players, but giving a draft token also means that drafts fire easier and more consistently (see last season's vintage cube, the numbers were crazy high and I personally loved being able to fire 2am drafts in less than 5 minutes). In addition to adding AUK value upon purchase, I believe that the previously mentioned draft token is a great way to stimulate the value of being a long term customer(aka not making more new accounts). I was ecstatic to see a reward for loyalty last Vintage cube season! If that became a regular occurrence (which would be good for the aforementioned reasons) I would imagine that long term players would rejoice and we might see a downwards trend in win trading.



Win-trading has been seen at the end of Limited seasons as well, so we are not inclined to do this. New players already have access to the New Player Phantom Sealed queue.