Aminatou's Augury asking player to pay full cost of each card to cast

Happened again Match # 254161744 - Game # 819728728

this time it let me cast instant without paying cost, but artifact, creature, enchantment all required me to pay to cast from exile.
Happened again so basically it happens every time now. Card is unusable and to be removed from all my decks until fixed. That sucks.

Match 254272401 Game 820154980


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Just happened to me in a casual game with a friend. We were trying to figure out what was going on, but it seems it's just bugged (Game #818782490).
This is great card in commander. If you ramp the right way, this can be a win half the time. So it's in a lot of my commander decks but have to take it out while this bug happens, it makes the card garbage.