About Win-trader counter measurement


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Please restrain Win-trader stalling play to general players.

Reduce prizes for extremely slow play.
e.g. If Remaining time is 10 minutes less than opponent's, reduce prize.
I understand there is a risk of adversely affecting beginner play and combo strategies with many operation steps.so It is necessary to carefully adjust the value based on statistical data etc. so as not to adversely affect regular players.

Today, I play MTGO Vintage League for the first time in years.
Then, I meet terrible stalling play many times.
e.g. a player takes 5 minutes to activate just one bazaar, and another player Make me wait several mins multiple times with the priority of my turn.
Those plays should be treat as stalling and are illegal at tabletop.
But at that time, I thought they are playing while playing other games such as MTG Arena, so I didn't feel so much uncomfortable.
After that, I discussed a friend who plays mtg online on a daily basis and he said that they are win trader and Their stalling play are aim to prevent us from playing Vintage League, thus increasing the odds of matching with their allies.he also said me Don't play MTGO if you meets wintrader because it's a waste of time.
Hearing that story made me furious.


We are upset about it as well and trying to take actions to keep up with changing tactics. Reducing prizes for slow play is not a workable option.

Please continue to report win trading as you see it - for all of the chatter we are seeing on social media, we are not seeing many reports make it in to CS