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    Not A Bug Bloodchief Ascension triggering without life loss

    The enchantment Bloodchief Ascension will currently trigger to gain a counter at the end of any opponent's turn, even if no players lost life. This bug makes the card significantly more powerful than it is intended to be.
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    Backlog Chromatic Orrery and Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient have a bugged interaction

    Orrery should allow Kurkesh's triggered cost to be paid with any colour of mana, but MTGO currently requires red even with Orrery in play.
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    Confirmed Elspeth Conquers Death - 3/4 player games

    Had this same problem occur in a multiplayer game. Having what is meant to be a temporary tax effect last forever can severely alter the game.
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    Confirmed Daze is bugged: You have to choose "no" for two times to get countered

    It slows gameplay by a lot, particularly with cards that trigger repeatedly such as as Rhystic Study.
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    Backlog game log broken

    Is the issue that you can't find the source of the bugs, or that you're not seeing them? If it's the latter, they occur frequently in most 4-player games. Here's a screenshot showing what they look like: Note that here the most recent action was a player casting Lightning Bolt, but the game...
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    Backlog game log broken

    These bugs also apply to 4-player Commander/EDH, which is a very common game type on MTGO. The bugs mainly occur in the game-log. It gives incorrect names for cards and effect sources, and in any attack always lists all creatures as attacking the same target, even when they are not.