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    Not A Bug Possible Reconstruct History Bug

    Hello again, I bumped into another possible bug during a match tonight. I went to cast Reconstruct history with no Artifact and no Enchantment in the graveyard. It instantly told me "No other legal targets to choose from" and wouldn't allow me to choose the Sorcery, Instant, and Plainswalker I...
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    Could Not Reproduce Possible issue with Breach the Multiverse

    Hello there, I was just in a game where an opponent played Breach the Multiverse. When they did, myself and his other 2 opponents were immediately disconnected. When we tried to log back in, it would disconnect us again. I was able to get back in after the 2nd attempt, but the other guys didn't...
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    Not A Bug Client Lag

    Hello, Ever since the last update where we all got nailed with severe lag in game, and the subsequent patch to correct that issue, I've noticed whenever I load my collection, look at my decks, make changes to my decks, etc., I slowly over time receive so much lag, it makes the game unplayable...
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    Backlog Feast on the Fallen Won't Trigger

    I'm gonna bump this up, as the card is more than likely still not functioning. My Marchesa deck would love to run this, but it just does not trigger at all.
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    Backlog Feast on the Fallen Won't Trigger

    I just tried testing it out again and it's still not working. There's nothing mentioned in the log, and nothing goes on the stack. It just sits there and does absolutely nothing. Event # 261662026 Game # 849943000
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    Backlog Feast on the Fallen Won't Trigger

    I was playing a game tonight and had Feast on the Fallen out. One of my opponents lost life and the enchantment didn't trigger on the next upkeep. I thought maybe it might have just been something strange that happened, but it happened again after I successfully attacked an opponent. Not sure...
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    Confirmed Foretell in multiplayer crashing the client.

    Happened to me twice in our games tonight. Would really like to make sure it doesn't drop people who potentially won't be able to get back into the game. It also caused someone in our game to insta-quit because they saw someone disconnected. They might have thought someone was quitting and left...