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  1. More Info Needed Breath of Dreams Not Marked As Unimplemented

    Unimplemented cards are meant to be marked with a red outline. However, Breath of Dreams is not marked with a red outline, despite not being implemented.
  2. Could Not Reproduce The bug between Phyrexian Censor and Portal to Phyrexia

    If I cast Reanimate with Grafdigger's Cage on the battlefield, I do not lose life as I am supposed to. just lost a match to this
  3. Could Not Reproduce Animate Summoning Sickness not Working

    Magic: the Gathering is certainly a video game. I don't know what you think a video game is, but you are wrong. English is my first language and I'm sure of this. "Magic: The Gathering Online is a video game" "A video game[a] or computer...
  4. Could Not Reproduce Animate Summoning Sickness not Working

    Why was my previous thread deleted? I did not need to elaborate on the issue in the body of the thread for my bug report to be valid. What more could I possibly say? The animate summoning sickness feature is broken. There is no more elaboration to be had. It is very discouraging to your userbase...
  5. Could Not Reproduce Sideboard greyed out between games preventing any changes to deck

    Daybreak Games, this issue is directly related to this issue:
  6. Not A Bug Client Lag

    The lag is really, really bad. I don't know if it's related to foil animation being enabled, but I have a really high-end PC and I'm still getting intolerable lag. This also affects the ability to use collection filters and sideboard. Sometimes the client area with the cards is grayed out and...
  7. Backlog Mulligan To Zero Bug

    When mulliganing to zero, Magic Online does not let you draw 7 cards and put them on the bottom in any order.
  8. Confirmed Polukranos Reborn Frame

    Polukranos Reborn's front side doesn't have the Legendary frame.
  9. Fixed PRM Image Updates or Display Bug?

    How do you find the Card ID?
  10. Could Not Reproduce Set Filter Resets Every Trade

    Trade filters are supposed to retain their settings between trades. The search filter still correctly retains this behavior. However, now the set filter, and probably other filters as well (haven't tested) are reset every trade. This is especially frustrating when trying to obtain cards from a...
  11. Fixed PRM Image Updates or Display Bug?

    Promo dual lands have changed from the old border to the new border.