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    Fixed Arid Archway able to surveil by bouncing itself

    My opponent abused this bug by the end of our game 3, playing Arid Archway and returning the same Arid Archway to his hand, getting a surveil every turn, while the card states that if ANOTHER desert was returned this way you surveil 1.
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    Confirmed Case of the burning masks solved with only 2 sources dealt damage

    Opponent cast Case of the Burning Masks and it just solved, you can see he didn't attack and the game log shows all he did that turn was use the case to kill a disguised creature.
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    Could Not Reproduce Master's Manufactory failed to trigger

    This only happened once, but what I did was play a Waterwind Scout with Master's Manufactory on the battlefield and immediately sacrificed the map token, but even though an artifact had entered the battlefield that turn, I couldn't activate the Manufactory to make a golem.
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    Fixed Role token created with zero targets on controller's side (Splashy Spellcaster, Shatter the Oath, Protective Parents)

    This exact scenario happened to me aswell, Shatter the Oath is also bugged with the targeting as if you cast it with no creatures in play it will require you to place a role on your opponent's creature.
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    Fixed WOE Sealed Friendly requiring 60 card deck

    Upon testing furhter, it's actually requiring 58 cards
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    Fixed WOE Sealed Friendly requiring 60 card deck

    I can't start a game with 40 cards, only when my deck is 60 cards does it allow me to click Play. The suggest lands feature also fills the deck up to 60. Play disabled with 40 cards Play enabled with 60 cards