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    Fixed Engineered Explosives bugged

    I just tested EE and Prismatic Ending in a solitaire game and they both worked. It seems as though this bug has been patched. Is anyone still having this issue?
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    Fixed Engineered Explosives bugged

    It just happened again right now with Prismatic Ending. This is not fixed.
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    Not A Bug Client Lag

    I am experiencing this same issue --- started about 2 weeks ago, after never having experienced it before in about 10 years of gameplay. On my end, the issue happens randomly. It doesn't matter if I've played 1 game or 5. Also, restarting the client doesn't resolve the issue or minimize the...
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    Fixed Engineered Explosives bugged

    ... same thing just happened to me in a league with Prismatic Ending and Engineered Explosives. There is an issue with the "X" casting.
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    Could Not Reproduce Kolaghan's Command is broken

    This happened to me twice in the same match. My opponent casts Kolaghan's Command. The spell resolves immediately (ie. I do not receive priority) and does not go on the stack as a spell. Instead, it goes on the stack as an "Effect", and more bizarrely, goes to the graveyard as an "Effect"...