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    Don't add cards from the newest draftable set to treasure chests to such a degree.

    Keep treasure chests to cards you can't find in the newest draftable set. The limited value tanks so fast and this is hastened due to the same cards being found in treasure chests. MKM has already dropped to half a ticket of value per pack.
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    Draft prizes adjustment

    The new draft prize structure is a huge improvement. I hope it's kept for the next draft set after LOTR and becomes the new standard. Going 2-1 or 1-2 now feels much better. Thanks!
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    Draft prizes adjustment

    The draft prize structure is kind of underwhelming, especially after the first week, I feel like if you go 2-1, you should at least break even instead of losing a few tickets. I know there is reasoning behind the EV of limited versus constructed. However, I feel a better prize structure may...