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    Not A Bug Client Lag

    Can confirm there's still lag. I rarely if ever experience lag on MTGO, but I had to restart the client just to finish editing my sealed deck.
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    As Designed Torpor Orb stops Tormod the Desecrator and Desecrated Tomb from triggering when a creature leaves your graveyard tot he battlefield

    Tormod the Desecrator and Desecrated Tomb both create a creature token when a creature card leaves your graveyard (Tormod works on all cards leaving). An opponent had a Torpor Orb in play turning off all ETB triggers. Neither Tormod nor Desecrated Tomb triggered when by Bloodghast left the...
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    More Info Needed Braids, Arisen Nightmare allowed opponent to sacrifice creature when an enchantment was sacrificed

    Braids reads I sacrificed a Rancor to it, then my opponent was able to sacrifice their Eowyn, Shieldmaiden to when it was enchanted with Kenrith's Transformation. It didn't have the enchantment type. Game# 851542026
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    Fixed Aminatou's Augury bugged

    Confirmed bug still present. Game #843965750
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    Lethal Scheme puts an additive number of counters on each creature that convokes it

    If you cast Lethal Scheme for its full convoke cost, each creature will connive, but the number of counters to add is additive. For example, if you connive discarding two nonland cards, then one land, then another nonland, the first creature will get one +1/+1 counter, the second and third two...
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    Confirmed Jace, Mirror Mage

    Bug's still present. Event #260011861 Game #843247666 Thanks
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    Fixed Myriad Construct enters with incorrect number of counters

    Myriad construct entered with 538 counters on it when it should have entered with like 14 or something. There literally weren't 538 cards in the combined decks in the game. Event # 25890453, Game # 838773538
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    Backlog Mutate over top of token doesn't keep token abilities

    Mutating a Gemrazer on top of a Spawnwrithe copy token doesnt keep the token's text (This is a bug). Mutating under the token does keep the text however. Game where token doesnt keep text (Bug): Event 258571815, game 837372244 Game where token does keep text: Event 258574009, game 837381352
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    Fixed Bug Report: Harnessed Lightning/Die Young Game Reset

    Bug still present. Event #257787492/ Game #834265730
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    Fixed Help Button on Home Scene Crashes Client

    Clicking the "game guide" button in the top right corner crashes MTGO.
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    Add Icon for the Official Discord to the Splash Screen

    There's links to the website, twitter, and subreddit. It makes sense to add a link to the official discord as well.