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    Yield Until Next End Step (Or If My Opponent Does Something)

    Thanks for resurrecting this thread. This would indeed be a huge improvement. 19 upvotes! Hopefully this gets prioritized for implementation!
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    Not A Bug Lictor costs 3g instead of 2g

    This can’t be right. I can’t find any info about such a Day 0 errata for Lichtor. Wotc also doesnt just change the mana value of printed cards like that. This is simply a Gatherer bug, but the card is implemented correctly on Mtgo. Lichtor would be pretty insane as a 3-drop lol.
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    In Progress Insidious Roots not triggering from Mosswood Dreadknight

    Yeah, there are a number of confirmed bugs with adventure cards unfortunately. See these threads:
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    Could Not Reproduce Failed to activate "Desert"'s activated ability

    I’d give this another try if I were you…
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    Confirmed Deputy of Detention cannot exile morphs.

    Yeah, to echo Firedrake, you definitely cannot Duress yourself.
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    Fixed Reenact the Crime Unable to Recast Split Cards

    I believe this bug is now fixed.
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    Fixed Freestrider Command enter with 2 counter when cast it from hand

    When did you experience this? I thought Freestrider Commando was fixed yesterday.
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    Could Not Reproduce Unable to get priority

    It’s surprising that you were unable to receive reimbursement for this, as it’s a pretty common situation experienced by many.
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    Confirmed Thada Adel showed the hand of another player.

    The screenshot is included in the original bug report from November 2022 which was closed but cited by Neo001992 above: In it you can see a...
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    Backlog Distant Memories fatally bugged

    So, Distant Memories has been bugged on MTGO for many many years. It causes fatal game resets, and the opponent can’t choose or respond to its casting. For this reason, the card has been banned on MTGO. It was a mistake to add this card to the Artifact Chaos Draft lists. It’s still bugged and so...
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    MTGO Treasure Chest System is unsustainable: an open letter to Daybreak

    I don’t see how this would solve anything, but I can pretty easily see how it would make things a lot worse. First, Treasure Chests are utilized to inject high demand cards into the MTGO ecosystem. The curation process for TCs is very important for this reason…to ensure first and foremost that...
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    Confirmed Amalia loop combo never ends

    Yeah, this is definitely still a bug. I was surprised when the previous report of this was closed out as “not a bug…” It’s not incredibly common, but because the deck is so popular in Pioneer...
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    Confirmed Reanimate on Phyrexian Metamorph is bugged

    Re-logging a bug report that was erroneously closed. This is an active bug. It occurs when casting a card like Reanimate (or similar card like Life/Death) targeting a Phyrexian Metamorph in the GY (or a similar card like Phantasmal Image). The Metamorph/Phantasmal Image hits the battlefield...
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    Not A Bug Mulligans do not match comprehensive rules. This is particularly impactful with serum powder

    I think you’re right that the MTGO implementation doesn’t match the comprehensive rules. Wasn’t the proposed solution that Wotc should revise the rules to reflect the way it’s implemented in MTGO? Which obv hasn’t happened as you pointed out. Would also be curious to see where there stands.
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    Not A Bug The whole match was a draw because of Amelia.

    This bug was reported fixed in December: “An issue with the Amalia Benevides Aguirre combo in Pioneer that caused the game to draw incorrectly in certain scenarios has been fixed.” I’ve also witnessed this bug recently — typically when the Amalia player is facing a Heroic deck. When you get...
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    Confirmed Daze is bugged: You have to choose "no" for two times to get countered

    24 up votes! Hopefully this one is at the top of their list to fix.
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    Ravnica clue edition cards should be nonfoil

    Yeah, at this point there are more players on Mtgo who prefer non-foil versions of cards to foil ones, and so it’s bizarre that these would only be released in foil.