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    Not A Bug Explore trigger on invalid target not working as it should in the rules

    This is not a bug. This happens not because explore does not work without a creature, but because the map token reads "Target creature explores". If the target creature is no longer available, the entire ability fizzles, there's just no explore whatsoever. (EDIT: more clarification - check CR...
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    Not A Bug Akal Pakal does not trigger on Opponent end step as expected

    Did you cast the spell before your end step? If you cast it during your end step, Akal Pakal won't trigger. The latest moment you need to cast it is your opponent's postcombat main phase.
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    Backlog When creating a match, pressing enter instead of the "create match" button does not change the match's description

    As per title, I pressed enter to create the match, and it was created with a wrong name. Clicking the button instead works.
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    Not A Bug Tarrian's Journal and Phyrexian Dragon Engine

    Not a bug, Dragon Engine was cast from the graveyard, which means it first went from the graveyard onto the stack, and then from the stack into play. So it actually entered from the stack, despite being cast from graveyard. Confusing I know.
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    Backlog Multiple cards like Lake of the Dead enter play, less lands are sacced than needed

    Lets say you have two Lake of the Dead enter at the same time (I used Splendid Reclamation), you need to sac two swamps. If you have two swamps in play everything works correctly, if you have zero also everything works correctly, if you only have one then you sac that swamp and both Lake of the...
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    Fixed Olivia, Mobilized for War always gives the creature haste

    As per subject. If you don't discard, nothing should happen, but the creature gains haste and becomes a vampire (not a counter though)
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    Not A Bug Client Lag

    After some tests, it seems that MTGO is opening 20+ threads to search for cards (I own around 50000 cards for ease of deckbuilding so that's probably why). However, due to my system configuration all of these threads are created on the same CPU core, and as a result search takes around 20...
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    Could Not Reproduce Opponents Graven Cairns coming into play causes crash

    This only happens with some FUT-border cards; we had this problem happen in PD with Graven Cairns (from FUT), River of Tears (from FUT), and Nimbus Maze (there's only one print). Here's (<- link) a screenshot showing the crash (see; River of Tears entering in the log). Game ID: 852465728, match...
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    Fixed Giada, Font of Hope buffs angels that enter at the same time with her

    As per title. As Giada is a replacement effect, she should not buff angels that are put into play at the same time with her (i.e., with Collected Company). The video can be viewed here:
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    Fixed Blast-Furnace Hellkite crashes the game during mulligans

    If I have Blast-Furnace Hellkite in my deck, the game restarts when I try to keep a hand, or mulligan if my hand does not have the card. I unfortunately cannot attach the video as Imgur does not allow videos over 1 minute; you can check the video on this page...