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    Fixed The Brother's War Swiss Draft Queue is not awarding prizes

    I played in the Brother's War Swiss Draft Queue and went 3-0 in two separate events. I never received a prize. I checked the Event Prize page and it stated that it is giving out prizes for 6th place and 9th place, which is odd, especially because it's an 8-person queue.
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    Turn (some) Keyboard Shortcuts into actual buttons

    When you are playing a match, you can toggle the keyboard shortcuts so that they are visible or hidden. The shortcut reminders look like buttons that you can press, but clicking on them does nothing. That's a bit counterintuitive, and there is no way to access these game features and play the...
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    Ability to archive/hide cards so they don't appear in my collection when I'm building a deck

    Creating decks would be a lot easier if we could archive or hide cards we don't want to use when building a deck such as basic lands with art we don't want to use or draft commons that would never make the cut of a constructed deck. At the moment, if you don' want to see a card in your...
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    Ability to pick basic lands in Draft and Sealed Deck

    I would love to have the ability to pick which version of basic lands I use in draft leagues and sealed deck leagues. If you want it to be more than a simple quality of life upgrade, you could link the basic lands you use to a specific avatar. For example, if you have the Brother's War Avatars...