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    Lots of stuff is missing from the set availability list

    I made an earlier thread about some other fixes but it got moved and tagged as implemented so I didn't know if posting this in the same thread would get noticed There are cards that are on mtgo that are not in any of the sets listed here and...
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    Implemented Fix or remove set availability list

    Commander legends and commander masters are still listed as fully implemented. both of these sets contain "the prismatic piper". When these sets were added, the pack contents were altered to remove the card, making it uncollectable. This is relevant for players who would like to to play...
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    Implemented Fix or remove set availability list

    This article contains a lot of mistakes. Several sets are listed as fully implemented despite cards being missing:c16(ex: cruel entertainment) c19(ex:rayami first of the fallen), clb(ex:sailors' bane), cmr(ex: prismatic piper), cmm(ex...
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    More Info Needed Breath of Dreams Not Marked As Unimplemented

    Whether a card is implemented in the client is more complicated than you might expect. Some cards are unobtainable despite being programmed into the client. some of them can even be played with an all access pass. Example:dissatisfied customer Some (but not all) of the cards that are...
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    Publish competitive commander decks that trophy

    It's difficult to find event results for cedh displayed in an organized fashion. Releasing decklists would help make the format much more accessible to people new to the format.
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    Declined Make the Casual 1v1 banlist the same as the paper Duel Commander banlist instead of using the multiplayer one

    Duel commander has different rules (20 starting life and a nerf to partners). The ban list is balanced around that. It doesn't make sense to use in a game with regular commander rules.
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    Not A Bug Mulligans do not match comprehensive rules. This is particularly impactful with serum powder

    This post got tagged as "not a bug". What does this mean? The game is not functioning correctly. How is this not a bug? Is the game working differently from paper intentional?
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    Declined Don't allow requeueing into the same player multiple times in a league

    When you play low player count formats and you lose a bad matchup you either have to stop playing which feels like you're gaming the system or requeue and risk playing against the same player again and probably losing another match.
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    Competitive-Format Wishlist - Add to MTGO

    6ed has only two red bordered cards in the client. It would be cool if the remaining cards were finished and the set became available for draft.
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    Not A Bug Mulligans do not match comprehensive rules. This is particularly impactful with serum powder

    A while ago a made a post saying that mulligans should go like this as per CR 103.5. p1 chooses to mulligan, p2 chooses to mulligan. Player 1 and player 2 draw new hands and BOTH choose a card to bottom BEFORE either choosies their next mulligan. The order that it happens in mtgo is different...
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    Ravnica clue edition cards should be nonfoil

    In paper, the cards are only available nonfoil. In mtgo they are only foil. This seems to be a mistake
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    Improve implementation of name sticker goblin

    It is very annoying losing games to lines that would have been impossible in paper. Two goblins should never make 12 mana
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    Remove the weird foil effect from zoomed in cards

    When holding Q to make a card that you're mousing over bigger, the blue circle effect on the new cards obscures card text. I know I can right click to see the card text but that is sometimes takes several seconds to load.
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    Competitive-Format Wishlist - Add to MTGO

    "Foresight" for pauper slime against humanity decks
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    Implemented Add commander event support

    I'd like to have leagues/challenges for commander. Right now constructed commander has no support at all beyond player created lobbies. Even momir basic has a 1v1 queue. Commander doesn't even have that.
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    Not A Bug Little Teferi Stopped Me From Casting Bargained Card from Bessech the Mirror.

    "Each opponent can cast spells only any time they could cast a sorcery." Teferi does not stop you from casting spells outside of your main phase, it stops you from casting spells not at sorcery speed. That means the stack also has to be empty. Since bessech the mirror was still on the stack...
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    Not A Bug Opponent Played Kicked Tourach and I did not get a chance to respond to kicker trigger to p

    The card functioned correctly. You don't get priority between a card entering the battlefield and etb triggers being put on the stack
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    Not A Bug Mulligans are bugged. This affects every format.

    The steps of the mulligan process in mtgo happens in the wrong order. How it works in paper: A player who is dissatisfied with their initial hand may take a mulligan. First, the starting player declares whether they will take a mulligan. Then each other player in turn order does the same...
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    Setting to remove moving blue outline on left window

    I have to scroll to resolve mulligans after the update because of the small text window. I think this might be due to a resolution issue on my end but it is very annoying regardless.