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    Fixed Cryptic Coat and sagas

    Apparently cloaking a saga with Cryptic Cloak still adds a lore counter on them, when they enter the battlefield (which basically gives away, that there is a saga face down under the coat). Not sure if the rules want the cloaked card to enter with a counter or not, the rules on cloak I found...
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    Remove the weird foil effect from zoomed in cards

    I really like the invisible ink cards, but a bit distracting is the black description box popping up when you hit the wrong spot on the card when you try to highlight the ink effect. This sort of destroys the effect for me.
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    Could Not Reproduce Collection display bug (again...)

    I finally finished collecting all cards from standard legal sets again, so the search filters set to "Quantity 0-3" and box for "Versions Show Versions Separately" ticked off should yield a collection window with no cards in it, right? (See pics below). Wrong... Ghastly Mimicry and Wildsong...
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    Declined Buddies List

    At the moment it is quite easy to add literally everyone you want to your own buddy list. I think it would also be nice to see on whose buddy list (if any) your own account is. I think this should be available information, because you get notified when trying to add a game someone not on your...
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    Flatten League Prize Payouts

    Why not have best of both worlds? Competitive leagues with regular prize payouts and friendly leagues with lower entry fee and flatter price pay out for the more casual minded people (sort of like the FNM crowd who enjoy a friendly game, where you still can win something). Flatter prize...
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    Implemented Foils that actually look good.

    A large portion of my collection is foil and I do appreciate the change. Looks a lot better than before already (maybe there's still room for even better looks, but it is a step in the right direction). However, one big issue I got, is performance in the collection browsing. It feels like the...
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    Confirmed Curse of Leeches (again...)

    My opponent just stole a transformed Curse of Leeches with Eriette's Apple while it was a creature. He cast another spell, thus I got it back transforming back into the Aura. The game then asked me to pick a player to attach it to, but I couldn't pick my opponent (nor could I pick myself)...
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    Fixed The Princess Takes Flight and Meticulous Excavation

    If you return The Princess Takes Flight with the ability on Meticulous Excavation back to hand the opponent gets the exiled creature back into their hand. Seems to be a bug. Neither returning the Saga with a bounce spell like Geistwave nor using the Excavation in response to the Saga's 1st...
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    Add an archive for cards in collection

    Yeah, that's what I actually did today... opened up my 2nd account just for the sake of having a place to store my collection... bad about this is, how tedious it is to trade in batches of 400 cards. Even worse is, that after finishing one trade, I have to shut down my old account with the task...
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    Add an archive for cards in collection

    Thinking about it a bit more... we already have the option to add different kinds of Binders and add new boxes. Two of those binders that always show up are the Full Trade List and the Wish List. Having a Shoe box / Archive binder as a 3rd option would totally make sense. You could place cards...
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    Add an archive for cards in collection

    The more cards that get added, the slower the client seems to get. And in addition, I'm a person who likes to hoard cards. That's particularly bad on mtgo, as it seems the problem with a slow and unstable client gets even worse, the more cards I have in my collection. Also even worse, I like...
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    'Shuffling matters' deck

    Psychic Surgery from New Phyrexia also is a payoff… note that shuffling matters cards might still be bugged. They trigger twice, when you force an opponent to shuffle a card into their deck. Probe dealing 4 damage off a single Gaea‘s Blessing is kinda mean :) I have a UG shuffle matters I try...
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    Incubate / All will be one interaction

    Will counters from incubate trigger All will be One? Glistening Dawn and All will be One seemed like a very nice 2 card combo, but apparently Incubate works differently as the incubator tokens just enter with the counters on them and they aren‘t put on it. Can someone with a bit more rules...
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    Not A Bug Void Rend (no trigger)

    Ward is an ability that counters the spell when the ward cost isn‘t paid. If you don‘t pay the ward cost, the spell would be countered, but Void Rend states it can‘t be countered. So it is pretty smart not to pay the Ward cost, as the Void Rend can‘t be countered anyways.
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    Is the LoTR a disaster?

    Yes, no doubt about it... but from a monetary standpoint it seems like only 3 cards are worth anything (for 5$ a pack this seems really bad), prices keep plummeting and even worse, the whole market seems in a nasty uproar and trending towards a crash... I'm just trying to figure out what is...
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    Is the LoTR a disaster?

    Looks like the LoTR set is exceptionally terrible from a collectors point of view… the art bundles seem to hold terrible value, worst seems the land art bundle which the bots buy for a total of 1 ticket (at a retailprice of 24$+tax???). Even worse, whole value of a collection is significantly...
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    Treasure Chest card list location

    Maybe available thanks to the all-access token and just hasn't been added to treasure chests yet?
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    New Accounts with 140 card decks?

    Thanks, that actually makes sense and is what I was suspecting. Maybe that 1400 card limit is a bit too much for those freedeckers then?
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    Not A Bug Reflection of Kiki-Jiki still in standard filter

    The Backside of Fable of the Mirror Breaker still shows up, when you standard filter the collection. In the screenshot the filter is set to 0 in collection, don't show versions separately and standard. Note that Ghastly Mimicry and Wildsong Howler show up in this filter setting, whereas other...
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    New Accounts with 140 card decks?

    Another interesting tidbit about those guys... they start of with a 140 deck, but somehow the decksize goes down to 139 even after they draw their starting hand??? Please... I need to solve this mystery... anyone got a clue what is going on here?