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    Is the game more laggy than it used to be?

    I'm under the strong impression that in late 2023 the game got significantly more laggy. It used to only get laggy after 4-5 matches, and rebooting and fixing the issue was easy. Now it's hard to even finish a single match without the client getting laggy. Impossible if you're playing a deck...
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    Reasonable implementation of Command Performance

    There is a card from Unfinity that is very important to the Pauper format but isn't implemented on mtgo: Command Performance. I'm aware that Daybreak doesn't intend to bring stickers on the platform, but Command Performance would have an easy workaround, like ____ Goblin, contrary to what a...
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    Fixed Razortide Bridge visual bug

    BRC Razortide Bridge's text box is only white instead of white and blue. This can induce mistakes from the players. The card will see extensive play in Pauper since CMM release. The other bridges don't appear to be affected by this issue.
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    In Consideration Top8 die rolls

    In events with a swiss + top8 structure, top8 die rolls are random, as opposed to what happens on paper, where the highest seed chooses if they want to play first. It would only be fair to implement this feature on mtgo as well, to reduce randomness in the single elimination portion of the...
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    Folders for collection and decks

    I think that it would be awesome to have folders where we can store and manage our collection and our decks. For example, I have many variations of the same decks (pics below), so I'd like to use different folders. I would also like to put in a separate folder all the lists that are now illegal...