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    Fixed Taii Wakeen, Perfect Shot triggered off of combat damage

    I attacked with a 2 toughness creature into Taii Wakeen, they traded, and my opponent drew a card off it.
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    Fixed Multiple cards erroneously trigger of any player commiting a crime

    My opponent's deserts were also triggering my crime-committing payoffs.
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    Backlog Jund Sojourners double death trigger

    Jund Sojourners triggered twice when it died, when it should have only triggered once. (I believe the cycling ability still works correctly.)
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    More Info Needed Cloaked Case cards show the text on the cloaked card

    I cloaked the top card of my opponent's library with Etrata's ability, which was a dramatic accusation. Since that permanent can't be turned face up according to the mechanics of cloak, it should be exiled and I get to cast it for free. Instead, the dramatic accusation went right into the...
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    Confirmed Kutzil, Malamet Exemplar's triggered ability doesn't work correctly

    I connected with an opponent with a Mischievous Pup with a +1/+1 counter on it while Kutzil was on the battlefield, and it didn't trigger.
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    Fixed Lord Skitter's Blessing triggers without enchanted creature

    My opponent had a Lord Skitter's Blessing that was triggering when he didn't have an aura on a creature.
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    Could Not Reproduce Card Disappeared Out of Draft Pool

    I'm currently playing Vintage Cube, and I'm pretty sure I had a bayou in my draft pool that vanished while I was making the deck. I thought it might have been my imagination, but sure enough, I counted the cards in my pool, and only had 44.
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    Backlog Civil Servant

    My opponent gave their Civil Servant vigilance, and it was able to give itself lifelink, which it shouldn't be able to do, I believe. It says "tap another untapped citizen" on the card.
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    Not A Bug Gravecrawler and Dredging Claws

    Ah, fair enough, thank you
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    Not A Bug Gravecrawler and Dredging Claws

    Dredging Claws won't auto equip to Gravecrawler when it enters the battlefield from the graveyard. I could be wrong with this ruling, but I'm pretty sure it needs to be fixed.
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    Fixed Opponents incorrectly Reanimate my Golgari Grave-Troll with a +1/+1 Counter

    The troll will give itself an extra counter if it's reanimated from the graveyard, not sure if that's how the ruling works.
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    Confirmed Diabolic Servitude bugged

    Diabolic Servitude won't go to your hand if the creature it reanimated dies, I believe.
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    Backlog Release the Gremlins doesn't need targets

    I was able to cast Release the Gremlins without targeting any artifacts, and I believe you need to target something, you can't just make the gremlins.
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    Confirmed Glitch with Soul Ransom

    My opponent was able to take the Soul Ransom from my deck and use it on one of my creatures. (He got it with Evelyn, the Covetous.) I paid the ransom and discarded two cards to sacrifice the enchantment, but the enchantment didn't get sacrificed. I'm open to believing that there's a rules...
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    Fixed Deck size validation bug

    There's currently a bug on the server where if you save a limited deck with under 40 cards in deck editing mode, then return to the main draft page, you can start a match with under 40 cards in your deck. I figured this out because I accidentally started a match without adding basic lands. I...