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    Could Not Reproduce Searing Blaze does not target walkers

    Tried using a Blaze on opponents Narset, as the card says it can target creatures or walkers, and the client would not let me target it
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    Does reporting win traders do anything?

    Been trying to get some practice in standard leagues, but jesus christ, every single round is against a win trader who makes you sit there intermittently for 25 minutes to waste your time and help keep matchmaking slots open for their win trading. I've tried reporting them in the past, but the...
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    Not A Bug Foretell cards do not show up anywhere on the client

    I'm guessing this is a longstanding issue, but how exactly is anyone supposed to keep track of cards an opponent foretells?
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    Fixed Junkyard Genius's second ability affects itself

    They only reimbursed me the one time it happened, despite submitting tickets for several. Apparently their attitude is it's your fault for thinking the game would function properly, no refund for you
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    Fixed Junkyard Genius's second ability affects itself

    I've submitted countless tickets from losing games to this, and Junkyard Genius continues to give itself menace/haste despite saying "other" on the card. Figured I'd run it by the forums since apparently nobody gives a crap about bugs when submitting tickets about them. Though it seems like...