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    Not A Bug Opponents disconnect within 2-4 minutes of beginning and I win match (4 matches in a row)

    I don't understand how a bot account can take advantage of going 0-3 in a phantom draft. My guess is they're using it to mine for data about possible exploits.
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    Fixed Random Swamp in Magic 30 Cube Deck

    If it helps, in M30 cube, the card that becomes the weird swamp is Brainstorm
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    Keeps Reinstalling

    Happening to me too
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    Not A Bug Client Lag

    After today's update to the cube list I noticed significant lag in the client. Clicking buttons/actions result in a few seconds before the action is taken (except when in game, which still works fine).
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    Fixed Kinnan + Gwenna bugged

    It would be great to see the top voted bug picked up to be worked on!
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    Fixed Karn, Scion of Urza - skipped draw step bug.

    This happened to me too Game #835231220