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  1. omair00

    League ended before it was supposed to:

    I had pending matches. Does anyone know if I got automatically reimbursed? And if not, can I file?
  2. omair00

    Could Not Reproduce nahiri's warcrafting

    My hand disappeared upon casting!
  3. omair00

    Bug filing process is outrageously broken

    I think the head-honchos of MTGO and Wizards need to have a meeting. MTGO should be telling Wizards that they need help resolving bugs, before making more cards, which results in even more bugs!
  4. omair00

    Confirmed Curse of Leeches Bug

    I upvoted it.
  5. omair00

    Could Not Reproduce Unable to join league after game was crashing and paused someway.

    Maybe they don't have any replacements.
  6. omair00

    Confirmed Curse of Leeches (again...)

    Please fix this bug!
  7. omair00

    Fixed Nahiri's Warcrafting Doesn't Bottom Cards Correctly

    The card is still bugged! My hand went into my graveyard upon cast!
  8. omair00

    Fixed MTGO will not load on VM

    I already msg'd him. He said submit a report ticket.
  9. omair00

    Fixed MTGO will not load on VM

    I am hearing that you have to reinstall windows... WTF?!?
  10. omair00

    Fixed New client bugs

    I cannot get my software to load either. Please let me know if you got it fixed.
  11. omair00

    Fixed MTGO will not load on VM

    I'm having the same problem. So it's not your specific operating system that's the problem. I'm just running normal Windows.
  12. omair00

    Fixed CPU usage is insane.

    I am having a similar problem - the client isn't fully loading. Did yours load completely?
  13. omair00

    Confirmed Curse of Leeches Bug

    Is this ever going to get fixed?
  14. omair00

    Fixed Curse of Leeches does not attach to player when it becomes day

    851665740. I have the Event ID too, if you need it.
  15. omair00

    Fixed Nahiri's Warcrafting Doesn't Bottom Cards Correctly

    This card is bugged bad. Does anyone know if it got fixed?
  16. omair00

    Not A Bug Void Rend (no trigger)

    In both games (of match 259966214), my opponent casted Void Rend on my Graveyard Trespasser, without having to pay the Ward cost (discard a card).
  17. omair00

    Not A Bug Client Lag

    The client runs slow on high-end desktop computers, and runs fast on mid-range laptop computers. So it has to do with how the software chooses to run on specified hardwares. That being said, this is not an easy fix. There needs to be a lot of correspondence, communication, and collaboration...