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  1. GwennieMacrae

    Is the game more laggy than it used to be?

    Oh it 100% is. I forget the exact date but some update late last year just made everything suuuper laggy. Admittedly its gotten better since. Like at its worst, the game was bordering on almost unplayable. You'd be sitting there clicking a card over and over and over until it finally...
  2. GwennieMacrae

    Images from Murders At Karlov Manor not loading

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still every card from the new set is blank. Almost all my "full art" cards also just appear as blank cards. I've heard of other people having this issue with MTGO but I've never heard anyone come up with any solution. Would def like to be able to see...
  3. GwennieMacrae

    Fixed Open games at top of list

    I do for real hope we can get this fixed soon. TBH it's getting so bad a lotta times I just turn MTGO off and give up cause it takes too long to find a game and I almost never can get my open game to be anywhere near the top.
  4. GwennieMacrae

    Fixed Open games at top of list

    I swear this really is getting worse. I use to eventually be able to randomly get a game near the top if I kept canceling the game and trying to make a new one over and over until it decided to put one at the top. Where as now I swear it seems like once it's decided to throw you near the bottom...
  5. GwennieMacrae

    What are your favourite/least favourite MTGO Avatars?

    Heh, I do totally get what you're saying. What sucks is my favourite avatar, Blood Petal Celebrant has the goofy lil treasure thing in the corner and I agree thats kinda dumb looking. I did just get mine from one of the bots though, avatars are like 1-4 cents they're all hecka cheap. I've never...
  6. GwennieMacrae

    What are your favourite/least favourite MTGO Avatars?

    I always loved Blood Petal Celebrant, since the art is cute and it has this vibe like she's starting a party or some such and inviting quests in and i've been using that for a few years now. Heh on the other hand it always kinda bummed out how many people just have the starter Birds of...
  7. GwennieMacrae

    Have Mirrodin Besieged show how many artifacts are in your graveyard

    Oh darn. I do appreciate the honest and clear answer though and at least knowing what's up. But yeah, if there was some alternate way or whatever to eventually get that kinda counting on older cards that would be really sweet.
  8. GwennieMacrae

    Game gets stuck/freezes a bunch

    The not being able to sideboard thing has even costs me games in league. Since....yeah it just straight up wouldn't allow me to do anything, the screen is just frozen. Its currently happening again as I type this out. My opponent had no problem using their sideboard though.... It REALLY sucks...
  9. GwennieMacrae

    Game gets stuck/freezes a bunch

    I keep finding that the client will just freeze up and go grey a lot of times making it impossible to do stuff. Like I might open a trade with a bot seller and I can see the cards but everything is kinda greyed and I can't click anything. I'll be trying to make a new deck but, same thing...
  10. GwennieMacrae

    Have Mirrodin Besieged show how many artifacts are in your graveyard

    With a lotta cards that rely on a certain number of things being somewhere, it's cool that MTGO sometimes does you the favour of showing you in extra blue letters how many of X thing you already have towards it, so you don't have to sit there counting them. It would be SUPER cool if they added...
  11. GwennieMacrae

    Backlog Phasing Removes Ring Bearer

    I had to double check a few places to make sure this was indeed a glitch and not how the game is supposed to work. But im now fairly certain that a creature phasing in and out should NOT remove Ring Bearer, however atm on MTGO it certainly does. Basically I had a Nazgul with Ring Bearer, I cast...
  12. GwennieMacrae

    Chat Sometimes Doesn't Work

    And lol yes im aware of the irony of me bringing this up...... While I normally do have chat closed, I sometimes open it in multiplayer games and like I keep finding a lot of times I can't actually send what im typing. Like the "send" button or pressing enter just doesn't work. The send button...
  13. GwennieMacrae

    Can't Get Into Game Once It's Started

    I havent seen anyone else post about this but I can't imagine im the only one who this happens to. But a lotta times lately when I start up a game. When someone joins, I'll see they joined Ill be at the front screen where it shows the match is about to start and does the countdown but...I...
  14. GwennieMacrae

    Client Lag

    Yeah, while I should clarify that I LOVE the new foiling. I would like to have my cake and eat too in the sense of being able to keep the pretty foils but NOT have all the lag cause I TOTALLY experience exactly what you're talking about.
  15. GwennieMacrae

    Some QOL updates

    I was just gonna suggest some fairly minor QOL updates that I thiiiink most people would like you never know..... 1. An option to be able to pass phases with mana in the pool without it giving you the "You still have mana, are you sure?" prompt you have to click on. 2. Allow the...
  16. GwennieMacrae

    Download Match History

    Yeah! I would def absolutely love this!! It would be so cool to be able to have seen my ENTIRE match history over the years and a real overall win/loss record that doesn't get reset every time you have to reinstall or something changes.
  17. GwennieMacrae

    Fixed Open games at top of list

    Yeah, this def stinks. A lot of times I gotta like cancel and recreate games until one of them finally puts my game at least close to the top where its visible without scrolling.
  18. GwennieMacrae

    Allow Us To Block Chat

    Yes yes, that's nice another pointless post. I'm sure it works like it does on MTGO and you can probs still post but I've put you on ignore now. So now "you can talk all you want and I can't hear you." Lol which im assuming you're gonna do cause for some reason you really are hung up on that.
  19. GwennieMacrae

    Allow Us To Block Chat

    What stinks is while this kiiiinda helps. It's not too diff than them just leaving it as it is. I do just wish they could fully block chat so it removed the window for the opponent as well. I'm not sure why they'd want the opponent to be able to talk to the air. Lol so far the only reason...
  20. GwennieMacrae

    Fixed Open games at top of list

    For whatever reason, new open matches seem to often be all the way at the bottom of the screen where they're hard to see. Sometimes they're off screen completely and at the literal bottom where you'd have to scroll to see them. I think it's maybe a weird thing with a recent update cause it...