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    Anoint with Affliction Bug

    There seems to be a recent problem with a lot of cards unable to determine the "Mana Value" of tokens is 0. Hopefully they get it sorted out soon.
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    "wish" does not work

    Which "Wish" doesn't work? I'm surmising you're aware you can only Wish for cards from your sideboard.
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    Bug filing process is outrageously broken

    If you want to report a bug here, you must include a game number in which the bug occurred. If you don't, they will delete the thread.
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    "Mosswood Dreadknight" doesn't trigger "Insidious Roots" when playing "Dread Whispers" from the graveyard

    SEARCH reveals there's already a thread for this here: You might want to Upvote that thread.
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    When you did the uninstall, did you manually delete the 2.0 folder? Not sure why, but this seems to be a hindrance.
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    Confirmed Rampaging War Mammoth's cycling ability is not functioning properly

    True. I thought it used to work, but it didn't today.
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    Backlog Obzedat, Ghost Council is not returning from exile

    A quick Search will show you this is a long-known problem, and is on the Backlog list to be fixed:
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    A tutorial is really needed

    Check the post from TimmyTaplands in this thread:
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    Is the game more laggy than it used to be?

    I noticed yesterday the game ran a bit "laggier" than usual. But I seem to recall a few pop-up messages about Pay events ending in Draws unceremoniously. The two may have been related, but much more detrimental to others, as I was just playing in JFF queues. It would appear the Daybreak game...
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    What to do as new player?

    * MTGO was designed by computer nerds. Not Joystick Junkies. There are a plethora of configurable In-Duel Settings and Key Bindings that allow you to Stop where you want, and "get moving" when you want (such as No Possible Play: Yield All). * Play a few ONE PLAYER games as stupid as that...
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    Strict Proctor triggers on Insidious Roots

    "Return Cauldron Familiar from your graveyard to the battlefield." triggers: "Whenever one or more creature cards leave your graveyard, create a 0/1 green Plant creature token..." triggers: "Whenever a permanent entering the battlefield causes a triggered ability to trigger, counter that ability...
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    In Progress Case of the burning masks solved with only 2 sources dealt damage

    This known bug is on the "In Progress" list:
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    In Progress Case of the burning masks solved with only 2 sources dealt damage

    This bug is on the "In Progress" list:
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    Backlog Daze is bugged: You have to choose "no" for two times to get countered

    The "Are you sure? Click twice to proceed" undocumented feature has also become an issue with Suspended creatures. I don't play much Suspend, but I played against a guy who failed to un-Suspend his Riftwing Cloudskate twice in three games. I didn't even realize you could opt to not un-Suspend a...
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    Not A Bug Bring to Light / Collect Evidence Interaction

    Doesn't Bring to Light go to the graveyard before the fetched spell is cast?
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    MKM Sealed Pool build advice

    Thought there used to be a heading here for deck build advice, but not finding it now. In any case, kind of at a loss for which way to go with this pool, and I know some of you guys just LOVE a challenge... ;) . So go for it... please! (Posted as text so it's easily importable and shuffled...
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    What are the "over 30 new cards" that were added in the latest update?

    Is this what you are referring to? It appears these are not to be released until next week, along with MKM. And since they are Treasure Chest updates, I'm not sure where you are going to look for them.
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    Fixed Txt file import improvements.

    I always Search & Replace " // " with "/" in Notepad before importing. Quick 'n easy, and it imports fine.
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    bug na contagem de tempo

    "I played game one normally, after the side in game two it was showing to me that my opponent's time was running out and he didn't play, but when the idle time ended I lost the game because I didn't play but I couldn't even keep my hand"