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    Requesting lower cost alternatives to leagues

    Thank you for your feedback! One fear I have is that "good" players will crowd the lower-priced leagues just to rack up wins against "fun" decks. Leagues are already less competitive than Preliminaries, the weekly Challenges, and the Showcase Challenges. I play against lots of "fun" decks in...
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    Requesting lower cost alternatives to leagues

    Personally, I find the league fees and payouts acceptable, although there was a time when I wish that they were cheaper. One issue with creating multiple leagues/more event types is that it divides the player pool and makes it harder to find matches or diverse matches. Have you tried the...
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    Backlog Aether doesn't appear correctly in tournament reports

    Also Lim-Dul's Vault - any cards with special characters don't seem to appear correctly in tournament reports
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    Backlog Aether doesn't appear correctly in tournament reports

    The word "Aether" like in "Aether Vial" is not appearing correctly in tournament results. The cards with Aether in them don't link (the picture doesn't appear when you scroll over the card and you can't click the link). Also - the Decklists on mobile (iphone and google chrome) doesn't display...
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    Two-Factor Authentification

    For security reasons, it would be great if MTGO offered two-factor authentication on accounts. I imagine this would cut down on account theft / hacking.
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    Player Rewards Curated List update?

    It might be worth getting some input from @goatbots or I'm sure they could offer insight into what cards are good fits and also how to release them without tanking the economy. I understand that it's a tough balance to make the packs worthwhile while not overpowering or...
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    Back Button & Slider Bar in Replay

    On MTGO, in game replay, can we get a back or rewind button and also a slider bar (to zoom forwards and back)? Currently, the only way to go backwards is to restart the replay - the only way to skip ahead is to hit the 'skip turn' button many times. Sometimes it's nice to watch a series of...
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    Player Rewards Curated List update?

    Yes, I agree, the Player Rewards Packs are due for an update. They are currently buying at $.01 and most cards have fallen to 0 value (many cards are not being purchased by bots anymore). Time for an update!
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    Competitive-Format Wishlist - Add to MTGO

    I'll add: abdel adrian, gorion's ward white plume adventurer mawloc
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    Change foils / foil effect on MTGO to be something that people enjoy, or turn off foiling altogether

    Yes, I agree. Foils have for too long been viewed negatively on MTGO. Many players won't play them and they trade at a lower value and with worse margins than non-foil cards. It's time to make a graphics change to make foils preferred by players just as they are in paper Magic. Thank you!