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    Commander-Specific Wishlist - Add to MTGO

    I would like to suggest DIVERGENT TRANSFORMATIONS be added to the data base. I was building a deck and like 76 cards in realized it wasnt available. Its quite frustrating since it took me a while to develop this deck and i cant even play it the way it was intended. This card came out in...
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    Divergent transformations

    Why is this card NOT in the data base? I went to build a deck and realized that I cannot add this card to the decklist because it does not exist digitally. Why is this so?
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    Fixed Jeweled Lotus Bug

    also adding in that Mox Amber is tapping for both of my commander colors even when just my red commander is out.
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    Fixed Jeweled Lotus Bug

    Playing commander with rog and tevesh as partner commanders. When I tap Jeweled Lotus for 3 mana, it will not let me use it to cast my commander. when i tap on the mana nothing happens. i then tried it out in another game and used it on rog after he incured commander tax, still nothing. ive...