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    Pioneer Challenger deck 2022: dimir missing

    So I purchased the pioneer 2022: dimir control deck and received the deck. I opened the deck and was prompted by the list of cards like normally, however, none of the cards are on my account. I already sent a ticket in. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen too.
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    Commanders/cards you only play on MTGO?

    I agree and its a great way to learn the rules(if the card isn't broken) to use irl.
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    How to play team in magic the gathering online?

    We use to have team modes on mtgo. I think back in 2015 with origins they removed 2hg, 3gh, emperor, and every other popular format that they deemed too much work, using the excuse of "they weren't popular" which if anyone played 2hg back then would know it had one of the biggest player bases...
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    Bringing back formats removed in v4

    Is there any chance to bring back 2hg 3hg, emperor, 6-player games and popular removed formats?