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    Fixed Deck Brewer's Pass expired, but I can still use a cards.

    I used the code on thursday or friday, but I still have access to all cards today... (not complaining, but reporting to be fair)
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    Implemented Foils that actually look good.

    Agree 100%. Foil is supposed to be "premium" variant and therefore should be attractive (in order to be more valuable in the marketplace). There is already a thread about it where you can add your upvote...
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    Newbieeeee! halp! :)

    Join the official MTGO discord channel, there is lot of players who will help (including me)
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    Improving friendly sealed leagues

    Any chances you could take another look at WOE's prizes? Seems like prizes will be worse than it was during LOTR... for 6:0 you only get 280pp (entry is 240pp) and for 5:1 you get 220p so not even enough to get your entry back. Or is the incentive to guide players more towards the competitive...
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    Add an archive for cards in collection

    Second account is a workaround. Would be great to be able to keep all the cards with you in one account in a way where it does not affect performance. I like the binder idea.
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    Matchmaking at multi-stage sealed deck league

    Can someone explain how match-making works across stages? If I finish 3-0 at stage 1, does stage 2 try to match me with another 3-0 score? Or does it look only after stage 2 results which at that time are 0-0?
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    Is the LoTR a disaster?

    I think this is what Daybreak could improve actually. If they want to make the special bundle appealing and worth to purchase, the contents should be unique and not possible to open in regular packs/chests. Then they would be relatively scarce and those who want them can purchase from the store...
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    No Fix Planned Wrong links in MTGO email ads

    Sorry if this doesn't belong here but I don't know where else to report it. I got email about LOTR set being available in MTGO, and at the end of that email there are three URL links "FEED | FORUMS | DOWNLOADS" and they all take you to game called Planetside instead of MTGO.
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    Improving friendly sealed leagues

    I believe that less stages is step in good direction. Not sure about the payouts though. Might be too early to tell, but at first glance the LOTR friendly sealed's payout structure requires very high win percentage to break even, which may mean less players in the queue.
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    Slowness on sealed since update

    Had the same experience with Sealed - it took forever to play out 9 matches and sometimes I had problems with managing my clock. I played some pioneer yesterday and that is running well.
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    Fixed 7th edition birds has black border

    Why not, but it should be consolidated....if it is upgraded to black border in the game, let's display it with black borders also in the deck builder/trade
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    Improving friendly sealed leagues

    Waiting times in queue can be really high in friendly sealed. Some ideas to improve that: 1. Less stages overall 2. Combine with competitive league and have only one sealed league Also one thing that sucks is you can get paired to the same opponent multiple times. So if you meet opponent with...
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    Friendly sealed - wrong stage displayed

    Maybe just visual bug? It says "locating at stage 2" even though I am stage 3. After the match the result is properly displayed as stage 3
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    commander leagues

    as MTGO is mainly oriented in competitive play I think this is good idea
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    Is it possible to use different basic lands in limited?

    "Add lands" button adds the latest and greatest lands, but is it possible to use some other I have in collection?
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    commander leagues?

    Post it in Suggestions so people can vote for it
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    Fixed Standard Uncommons from Treasure Chests instead of a rare! Happened 5 times!

    Is there a way how to check history of what I opened in chests? I was opening at large two days ago (10-20 at once) so I am not sure whether there was some uncommon or not, I wasn't aware of the bug.
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    Lord of the Rings set on Magic Online ?

    MTGO's biggest advantage over Arena is Modern/Legacy/Vintage/Pauper contructed formats, so for the sake of format integrity I really hope LOTR set will be available in MTGO. I will support it with my money by purchasing some product and/or participating in limited events, and I am sure lots of...