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    MTGO Vintage Introduction

    Watch all of IamActuallyLvL1's content! He's being too modest here - Justin is the most prominent vintage content creator out there and a great ambassador for the format.
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    Legacy decklist Mount Rushmore?

    Delver Miracle Top Reanimator or Storm - a combo deck of some kind Lands? Death and Taxes? - some strategy that's only really possible in legacy
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    Play Vintage

    ancestral -> snap -> ancestral is a hell of a drug... Seriously though for me, it's playing Bazaar decks. There's nothing like it in any other format. The ability to play vintage is honestly one of the things I love most about MTGO.
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    Nice to meet you!

    Hello! Very cool to see the forum get going. I hope Daybreak will be a great positive force for MTGO!