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    Alternative B&R Queues for Older Formats

    I think it would be interesting to have as special events alternative B&R queues for older formats where players can try out different cards that may have been banned in the past or formats with different bans in place to see what a format would look like. I would say this is not something to...
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    Cards that are not available on mtgo.

    Creative Technique is another good suggestion. Plenty of stuff from the Strixhaven commander decks would be nice.
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    Legacy/Vintage Challenge Decklists

    Thanks! If you need some outside perspective from a community member I would be more than happy to meet with your team over discord or however to talk about it. I think it would go a long way for the formats to do this.
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    Legacy/Vintage Challenge Decklists

    This is just a long term suggestion, as I think it matters most for these two formats because they are older formats, but I would like to suggest the position of publishing all Challenge decklists for these events as opposed to the Top 16/32 based on event. With Daybreak taking over I would like...