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  1. Angeliana

    Currently Offline

    Hi, please take a peek at this thread: Some people have ideas in there.
  2. Angeliana

    Weekly Blog - January 31, 2023

    PHYREXIA: ALL WILL BE ONE ON MTGO STARTING NEXT TUESDAY The latest Standard-legal expansion, Phyrexia: All Will Be One, hits MTGO’s digital shelves next Tuesday at 10 a.m. Pacific time (18:00 UTC). Check out this article for updates on the following that will take effect at that time: MTGO’s...
  3. Angeliana

    Hotfix - January 27, 2023

    We have published a hotfix to address the issue with red borders on non-cards in the Collection scene. This will trigger a client download the next time you open MTGO. Also, we have corrected a legality issue with ONE reprints in Pioneer and Standard - they are now excluded.
  4. Angeliana

    Update Notes - January 26, 2023

    Implementations: Dominaria Remastered Both a Draft league and a single-elimination queue will be offered, but they are keeper and cost the same as those of a Standard set (12 and 15 Event Tickets, respectively, plus the normal suite of alternate entry options). The events kick off immediately...
  5. Angeliana

    Magic Online is Currently offline...

    Please see how others have fixed this issue here:
  6. Angeliana

    Weekly Blog - January 24, 2023

    NEW! Facebook NEW! Instagram GET SOCIAL WITH MTGO – NOW ON FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM! Join our communities across the Internet, including our newest ones on Facebook and Instagram that launched last week! Click the links above to get started, including joining over 1400 Magic Online fans on the...
  7. Angeliana

    Social Media Pages

    We would like to invite you all to follow us on our social media pages! Click the social name below to be taken to our social page, or scan the QR code on your phone to visit our pages and to join Discord! Twitter Facebook Instagram Discord
  8. Angeliana

    Not A Bug Spirit Link - Currently Illegal in Pauper This is covered in the section about DMR.
  9. Angeliana

    Weekly Blog - January 17, 2023

    2022 SEASON 3 MOCS SHOWCASE THIS SATURDAY! Tune in as eight of Magic Online's best players compete for their share of $70,000 and two invitations to the 2023 World Championship! The broadcast begins this Saturday, January 21, at 10 a.m. Pacific (18:00 UTC) on Join Cedric...
  10. Angeliana

    Not A Bug Spirit Link - Currently Illegal in Pauper

    Could you please explain how this is a bug report?
  11. Angeliana

    Not A Bug MTGO crashed during league

    Please send a ticket to customer support at for reimbursement requests. You will need to log into the website using the exact same login as you do for the client. Then click "Submit a request" in the upper right corner of the webpage. Thank you.
  12. Angeliana

    Not A Bug Verification code

    It can take 5 or more hours sadly. We are aware of the issue and it is still being investigated as to why it is happening. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience while you wait.
  13. Angeliana

    Not A Bug Cards Lost in Collection

    Please send a ticket to Log in the exact way you do for the client, then click Submit a request and explain your situation in the form there. Customer service will investigate your issue and get back to you as soon as they are done with their investigation. Good luck.
  14. Angeliana

    Megatron Post Combat Convert Trigger doesn't work

    This should be fine, we will let you know if we need more information. Thank you.
  15. Angeliana

    Patch Notes - January 11, 2023

    Clicking the Help icon on the Home scene will no longer cause the MTGO client to crash. Links to our Forums and Discord channel will appear in-client. The descriptive text of the Vintage Point has been updated. Hurkyl, Master Wizard will correctly allow choosing a creature card that shares a...
  16. Angeliana

    Weekly Blog - January 10, 2023

    NEW MTGO.COM FEATURE – DECKLIST FILTERING Thanks to some feedback from our Twitter page, our web team has provided an improvement to the Decklists page at - you can now filter the current month’s listings by format and/or event type. Whether it’s the latest Pauper Challenge, Modern...
  17. Angeliana

    Decklist filtering has been added to the webpage!

    Have you checked out the decklist page today? We recently implemented the ability to filter by format and event type! Find what you're looking for even faster than before! Go check it out:
  18. Angeliana

    Not A Bug did not receive play points after vintage cube draft

    Please send a ticket to customer support at Login the exact same as you do the client, then click Submit a request in the upper right corner of the webpage to get to the help form.
  19. Angeliana

    Confirmed Fable of the Mirrorbreaker bug, second chapter only discarded cards on auto yield

    Reimbursement requests need to be done via ticketing to Login using the exact same login as your client, then go to Sumbit a request in the top right of the webpage to get to the help form.
  20. Angeliana

    Fixed Help Button on Home Scene Crashes Client