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    Rant about current Standard open play

    Yupp…. and it works fine. But chances are, if I don‘t rule 0 Djinn decks, that more than 50% people join games with this deck or with a deck designed to beat mono U Djinn. And I feel this is a bad spot in a metagame where a new set just rotated in and should usually shake things up a bit...
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    Prototype creature images

    One part being pretty much counter-intuitive with prototypes, I found out yesterday the hard way, is the fact, that they actually have the manavalue of the prototype when cast as such and not of the original version. I cast Fateful Handoff on my prototyped Skitterbeam Battalion in hope to draw...
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    Prototype creature images

    Don‘t really see the big advantage in making immediately clear that the card is a prototype… besides P/T and color there isn‘t really any difference. The keyword „prototype“ has no other effect on gameplay. A cleaner solution might be to change the frame color accordingly for prototype versions...
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    Prototype creature images

    Current way prototype creatures are displayed is really awkward. Wouldn't it be enough to have the x is color y in the textbox instead of blocking the whole image? Not sure what the benefit there is? If you want to highlight that it was cast as prototype, maybe highlight the word Prototype in...
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    Rant about current Standard open play

    I play a lot in the open Standard room on mtgo. Basically each and every day a couple hours. That's what I do, that's what I like. I play Standard. Not for a living, but because I like to brew within a rather small card pool (unlike Vintage, Legacy, Modern or even Pauper and Pioneer). I usually...
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    Custom Tournament Organizer tools

    Something like invite friends / buddies to a private 8-man tournament (with custom settings) could be cool.
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    Please make flashback drafts more frequent

    Flashback Drafts being Phantom is the real issue. Just Imagine how hype an Urza Block Draft would be, when the Draft wasn't phantom (because there are a couple expensive cards in the set). If the incentive to Draft are the regular prices and the event itself is phantom, no one bothers to spent a...
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    Requesting lower cost alternatives to leagues

    I second the idea of a new friendly league with reduced entry, flatter pay-out and maybe even only 3 rounds. I like to play janky decks from time to time, but at 10 tix the incentive to enter a league with such a deck just isn‘t there. Maybe fire on demand 8 mans could be a thing?
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    Abundant Growth showing not legal in Pioneer

    Avacyn Restored is not legal in Pioneer and Abundant Growth hasn‘t been reprinted in a Pioneer legal set. Definitely a mistake in the Gatherer.
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    Fixed Escape Mechanic not working

    Jeeeesh…. chill out… compensation for bugs has been mtgo policy since forever and daybreak already said on several sites that you can file for compensation due to the escape bug that was introduced with the MTGBRO update. And as posts in this thread clearly stated, the bug has been found and...
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    What is Freeform?

    No, you can play a deck with any card that you got in your collection. Play in the freeform room (as in all open, non-tournament rooms) is free, no entry free charged, but you still need to have the cards in your collection.
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    What is Freeform?

    Freeform basically let's you play with any deck you like to build without any restricted or banned list in place (even without the 4 of a kind maximum restriction). However, a lot of players use the freeform room for the Pennydreadful format or for the Premodern format. Both non-official...
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    Brothers' War hype-thread

    Wondering what everyone is hyped about in the upcoming set. Here are my two cents about the set (usually based on my non-professional views on standard): My top 10 in random order probably include: - Bladecoil Serpent (each mode seems pretty good, especially if you can cast it for RRUUUU it...
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    Cards that are not available on mtgo.

    Any plans to add some missing old-school stuff? A couple of the more obscure cards from the early expansions from Arabian Nights up to Alliances weren't included in the Masters Edition set releases. Like for example... Season of the Witch (!) Initiates of the Ebon Hand Soldevi Adnate Agent of...
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    Change foils / foil effect on MTGO to be something that people enjoy, or turn off foiling altogether

    Yes, please. I would really like a change to the looks of foils. Just use the foiling on the card frames, leave the art intact and add the foil shooting star effect in the text box. Instant value increase. Mockup Disdainful Stroke Foil. Was the first card in my collection I found with the...
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    MTGO Prize structure

    Click the league format you want to see, and then click on the View Prizes button in the client. For standard and Vintage it's like this: 5 - 0 --> 140 PP, 5 Chests, 5 Qualifier Points, 1 Competitive Trophy 4 - 1 --> 120 PP, 4 Chests, 2 QP 3 - 2 --> 100 PP, 1 Chest, 1 QP 2 - 3 --> 50 PP, 1...
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    Player Rewards Curated List update?

    Will we get a different curated list for the player reward packs anytime soon? The basic lands in those packs have been around for what feels like a year now. And handing out basic lands doesn't really feel like a "reward", especially since 99% of them have dropped to basically no value at...
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    Could Not Reproduce Thoughtseize

    The Thoughtseize „coincidental draw the card that was just discarded“ happens on a regular basis, but is rarely directly reproducable on demand. I‘ve seen this happen in quite a few games in the last months, as well. However, I‘ve also not seen this happen a lot. Seems to happen with scry...
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    Not A Bug Collection Wildsong Howler/Ghastly Mimickry bug

    Then the question is, why these two are the only cards showing up, isn‘t it? There are quite a lot more double faced cards in current standard and all of those don‘t show up, except for the Wildsong Howler and the Ghastly Mimickry. Has been like that before the client change, as well. Not sure...
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    Bringing back formats removed in v4

    Singleton Standard used to be quite some fun. Remember having that format during Scars of Mirrodin Block.