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    Pair-Up/Down Bugged with Byes

    We are going to look into this as soon as we have sufficient testing bandwidth.
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    Able to submit Limited Decks with less than 40 cards

    What happens after you click Play Match? That should be the moment when the game checks for deck legality, and in this case throws an error message saying Deck Invalid
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    Add Competitive (4 Player) EDH/Commander Leagues

    1) How much do competitive Commander players want to pay for a cEDH experience - 2 tix per match? 2) Do those players want to play winner-take-all?
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    Old School and PreModern filters and support.

    Could you point me to places on the Web showing the growth of these formats? (Player-run events on MTGO, tabletop events, other areas)
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    Could Not Reproduce BRO draft league

    This report should be filed with Customer Service at
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    Not A Bug Force of Vigor -

    You choose targets only when you cast the spell. It is legal to choose zero targets on any ability that asks for "up to #" or "any number of" targets, and this indeed happens if you choose OK when the prompt asks you to select targets (usually just after you click Force of Vigor). So as a...
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    Dominaria Remastered release

    Yes I can. Wizards' decision on whether to delay releasing DMR on tabletop came after the point where we had to set downtimes in MTGO's release schedule. To avoid the chance of spoiling DMR cards should Wizards announce a delay, we hedged and paired it with our downtime for ONE. We'll provide...
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    Alternative B&R Queues for Older Formats

    Our team has done some exploration into this area - it's one of my wish-list items once our team has enough bandwidth.
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    Greater Gargadon

    Do you have a Game ID number for where this happened?
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    Not A Bug Urza's Saga Search Bug with Haywire Mite?

    Reviewed the Game ID - your own Grafdigger's Cage stopped the Haywire Mite from entering the battlefield.
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    A keybind for the "Done" action

    Could you spell out the use case? I'm not quite familiar on how dungeons tie into this ...
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    Cards that are not available on mtgo.

    It's part of the greater Commander backlog
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    Bring Back 64-Player Single-Elimination Drafts

    These events proved tricky in the past, as we ideally want all 64 seats to fill before firing it. Also, finding time slots to gather 64 players who want to commit 6 hours to playing (but could also be eliminated within 1 hour) and also dodge other Premier events is a challenge. With all that...
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    Could Not Reproduce Game stuck after opponent uses Bolas Citadel, wants me to sac 10 permanents

    Do you have the Game ID number for this? Our team can't yet reproduce this issue.
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    Could Not Reproduce Patches remove 5-0 lists

    Spoke with our team that handles that code - we plan to start publishing the Legacy/Vintage/Pauper decklists twice a week rather than once a week. This should work around this issue more effectively, particularly as Leagues end. Hoping to get that in sometime in January.
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    How to scroll down when graveyard/exile pile is full in a commander 4 player game

    What happens if you double-click the graveyard icon? Arrows should appear if you hover over that zone as well.
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    Pioneer Challenger deck 2022: dimir missing

    Screenshot? The deck's layout should appear in the Pioneer section of Collection
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    Redemption Status Update? Also request for additional info.

    We put in a fix for this last Tuesday - if it's not required, the payment processor will say so. If it is, try a 2 letter abbreviation in that field (ex. QL for Queensland, etc)
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    Yield Until Next End Step (Or If My Opponent Does Something)

    This seems comparable to how Arena handles priority when you click Auto-Pass but can still actually take actions in response to the opponent. I'm interested to know if folks think that's enough of an improvement over what MTGO currently does to warrant implementation.
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    Confirmed Mizzix's Mastery mechanic fails

    It's being read, it's not backlogged, it's on the list ... but we have the holidays coming up and our team is having limited bandwidth to fix things that aren't "current set bugs" or "next set cards" right now. Please be patient.