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    What's your most fun deck to play right now?

    To me this has nothing to do with winrate. Tier or not tier, it doesn't matter, I just was curious what other people really enjoy playing atm. :) Many decks that are good feel like work and aren't actually fun to play, and many T2 and weird brews are truly fun as can be. To me, I like to play...
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    Deck recommendations

    If you like Bogles, try Mono White Heroic. It's very similar! You might also like Kiln Fiend decks too. :) If you want something completely different, try: Burn, both the Mono Red and Black-Red versions - there's even a mono black version out now. Burn decks are always fun to me! Izzet Fae Dimir...
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    Confirmed Moon-Circuit Hacker is bugged

    Moon-Circuit Hacker is played or ninjutsu'd successfully the first time it enters the battlefield. BUT... On the following turn if it deals damage to the opponent, you are asked if you would like draw a card. If you decline, no draw or discard should take place. If you say "yes" it draws and...