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    Declined Best-of-One Draft Trophy should be for 7 wins

    Right now, Best-of-One Draft only gives a trophy if you go undefeated (7-0). This made me think (and I assume has made other people think) that the Best-of-One queues are underpopulated, and thus causes a negative feedback loop: people think that practically no one is in the queue and therefore...
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    Fixed Churning Reservoir targeting error

    Came here to say this. The card is weirdly worded (I wasn’t sure if “nontoken” applied to both “artifact” and “creature”), but I just saw that on Arena, it doesn’t allow you to put oil counters on token creatures, so I saw that as confirmation that it is a bug on MTGO.
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    Jumpstart 2022 on MTGO?

    Hi! I was wondering if there were any plans to put the cards from Jumpstart '22 onto MTGO, via Treasure Chest Boosters (or some other method). Thanks!