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    Purchase Play Points

    the legal issues are probably why this can't happen unfortunately iirc it was like your event can't give out a prize like event tickets which are so adjacent to money so they had to make play points
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    Ability to request draft shaft removal

    it would be fun to be able to slowly turn draft chaff and bulk into play points somehow
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    Re-code Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast’s -1 Ability

    it is a bit strange that grist's ability is worded such that it does function that way on MTGO. It'd be nice if daretti worked the same way, I agree but they could also add a confirmation dialogue like for other sacrifice activations that notify you when you're targeting the thing you're...
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    restructure rewards for non-phantom drafts

    I'll just say it, non-phantom drafts feel terrible. I would much rather do a single elim draft because the swiss drafts having the same prize structure but worse (2 wins or nothing) makes no sense! But single elim drafts aren't firing. Please restructure the swiss rewards so that they're more...
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    requested vintage cube updates

    the degenerate stuff is the stuff that draws people to vintage cube in the first place. I can't imagine people queueing up for vintage cube are doing so not expecting to get smokestack locked out or get lotus breached it's part of the fun, let people assemble vault key in 40 card decks
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    Fixed Help Button on Home Scene Crashes Client

    same thing happened to me just now ^^
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    Rant about current Standard open play

    you can write notes in open play, right? Have you tried requesting players bring decks other than mono blue djinn?
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    What's your most fun deck to play right now?

    I've played a bit of pauper, and the deck I love most is the jund (my favorite color combo) ramp one that uses the indestructible artifact lands to turn the geomancy spells into rampant growths that draw you a card. The top end is a bunch of cascading draft all stars, which also happens to be...
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    Collective brutality not modern legal??? here you go
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    Flashback draft formats -- Invasion block, Triple original Ravnica, Triple Champions of Kamigawa are popular and when it is up people play it a lot

    I definitely would like more rav block another thing I wouldn't hate is them bringing back some ancillary products like tempest remastered
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    The Brothers' War...let's discuss some lore!

    It's been really hard to follow the story since they started messing with everything, but I do manage to pick up enough from the cards to get a rough idea of the storyline
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    Sanctifier en-Vec exile mechanic

    hey Anafenza, the Foremost, uses this templating in her errata I can't say for certain but I would guess it's because a creature is a creature on the battlefield, not a creature card...
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    Brothers' War hype-thread

    I was really hoping to get a Wurmcoil Engine for my cube and I did, so that's probably what I was most hyped about Raymond Swanland is one of my favorite artists, and wurmcoil just looks too sick in that old border
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    wow, an actual forum in 2022 I can't believe it I'm michael/mikey and I've been playing magic since 2012 or so, avacyn restored was the first prerelease I ever went to I hope to be an active member here and start a chill community