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    Commanders/cards you only play on MTGO?

    I know some people tend to not play confusing or complex cards in paper because they take too much focus to not miss triggers or are often a headache to explain. This is one reason I love using MTGO for commander, it just takes care of the complex rules for you. Some of my favorite to use are...
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    Commander and Secret Lair cards in time

    I would LOVE to have all the cards on MTGO but I feel like it takes a decent of amount of time to code all the interactions and make sure the work. They said on November 15th they would release a bunch more of the CLB cards.
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    Competitive-Format Wishlist - Add to MTGO

    It can be very frustrating when cards from supplemental products are not on mtgo ESPECIALLY for legacy/vintage. If those cards somehow do make it MTGO its usually as very few slots in chests. If these cards are strong and in very limited supply then they are often VERY expensive. When chests...