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    Warhammer 40K Update

    Am I correct on understanding these will never be available in chest, nor put up for sale after april 5th? If so, what happens if long term there is great demand for some of the cards but no supply? Is there a chance of a non-UB version in that case or is it gonna be an #mtgfinance moment?
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    Fixed Please revert the new mana float change

    Update: Another issue is that the CPU usage went from about 20%~ on average to over 60%~ on my PC after the patch.
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    Fixed Please revert the new mana float change

    After the patch, tapping the correct amount of mana for a spell and then casting it still requires you to manually click the mana every single time. This is incredbily annoying, especially for cards like Rishadan Port. Having an option to autopay by tapping the correct amount was very convenient...