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    Fixed Mizzix's Mastery mechanic fails

    What part doesn't work for you though? I can't try every angle but it's been in a cube I play since it was fixed and working fine both ways.
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    Close This Forum

    You should close the feedback section of the forum. It doesn't make sense to have one and then say that you won't listen to feedback in it while locking threads. I do not understand why you did not want feedback in...
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    All Access Pass Upon Set Release

    I know drafters are supposed to pay for everyone else to play Magic but this is a bit extreme.
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    Not A Bug Gravecrawler and Dredging Claws

    When you cast a creature spell it enters the battlefield from the stack, not the graveyard, hand, exile, or whichever zone it originated from. For a card to enter from the graveyard you need to use a spell or effect that moves the card. The first example in Magic is Resurrection which is a...
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    Allow best of three in open play

    Please give us back all the open play configuration options. Masking these behind yet another overlay and reduced interface in the client is like seeing a boarded up window on high street. Makes you wonder what's going to be cutback next. Something like this is not as high priority as some of...
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    Partner message in Commander Masters Drafts

    That's okay, it's usually worth 1-2 sympathy votes which is just as good as winning the game.
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    Confirmed Diabolic Servitude bugged

    This has been bugged since 2018 at least. I know this pre-dates Daybreak's excellent stewardship, but including the card in the most frequent cube is frustrating on multiple levels. It makes me think the designer of the cube doesn't play or care about their own design. Where is the system for...
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    Freeform Commanders Partner/Companion

    I was building my Lotho, Corrupt Shirriff/Black Lotus partner deck with Lurrus of the Dream Den companion and ran into the same issue. If we could have a little more freedom in Freeform Companion that would be nice. As ZombieCaller42 said it's allowed in paper after all.
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    PLEASE ADD Captain N'ghathrod

    Done. Captain N'ghathrod was added to Treasure Chests in February 2023. Grab a copy from your friend or favorite trade bot.
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    Poxwalkers (Warhammer)

    The previously stated goal was Q2 2023 which has now passed. I understand timeline slips like this, but these cards are highly sought after and constructed relevant so I think many players would be reassured by an update on when 40K could be expected. A bird told me the licensing period was set...
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    Fixed Council's Judgment not showing initial vote

    I appreciate the attempt to bring clarity by moving the card details to the confirmation interface, but it causes difficulty in determining which permanent was voted for when there is more than one permanent with the same name in play. The old method of showing the vote on the permanent in blue...
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    Grenzo, Dungeon Warden + Grafdiggers Cage

    I noticed you never received a response. Your reading is correct from my view, creature cards cannot move to the battlefield from the graveyard with Grenzo, Dungeon Warden's ability while Grafdigger's Cage is in play. However the cards can still move from the bottom of the library to the graveyard.
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    Incubate / All will be one interaction

    From All Will Be One's Gatherer page The relevant rule is 122.6 There is nothing tricky I can see in the rules for Create either (701.6). From my reading Incubating with Glistening Dawn should trigger All Will Be One.
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    Could Not Reproduce Izzet Guildmage won't copy sorceries

    Izzet Guildmage is in my cube so I tested this interaction and it all worked for me. I was able to copy Desperate Ritual and Lava Spike, both spliced and unspliced. Maybe there was something else happening in your game that affected it, or possibly the interface is arcane and caused difficulties...
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    Fixed First Response doesn't trigger

    While playing a game of Commander Legends flashback (thanks for these) I noticed the card First Response did not trigger in the upkeep after its controller took damage. In the game I played the controller was Player 4, and they took combat damage on Player 2's turn 5. On Player 3's turn 5 upkeep...
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    Do a Commander Legends flashback with altered rules

    The audience of Magic should be Magic players. Voting replaces playing Magic with a different game. Richard Garfield's toy game Rando Chess illustrates this perfectly. "Play standard chess but afterwards roll a die." He uses it to explore the false dichotomy of luck vs skill, but we can also ask...
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    Is it possible to use different basic lands in limited?

    In some game modes yes, in others no. Sealed deck and elimination drafts allow you to import/export a deck and automatically save the deck to your freeform decks area on the collections tab. If you use the deck editor there you can add whichever lands you want, save the deck, and then import it...
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    Confirmed Thada Adel showed the hand of another player.

    Lots of weird revealed zone errors lately. A couple of us in a cube saw the opponent's top card with Sigarda but other players couldn't replicate that either. I assume everything like this is connected or has a similar cause but maybe not 🤷.
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    Token Choice

    Magic is a shared experience and not everything is about personal expression. Consistency and clarity in the game state are also important characteristics. Every baroque addition comes at a cost to the rest of the program.
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    Token Choice

    Cards should generate their associated tokens, and not tokens from other sets.