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    MTGO in-client schedule needs a revamp

    Thank you for responding! My feedback was mostly concerned with the "Home" page and the way events are displayed here. In the "Constructed" tab it's pretty easy to find the events you are looking for, as there are usually few enough events to not get lost. Sometimes you want to just know if...
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    MTGO in-client schedule needs a revamp

    The way premier events are displayed on MTGOs main page when you log in is extremely inconvenient. I literally use to know when preliminaries and other scheduled events happen. My suggestions are to: - display events in the order they happen in - with the closest events...
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    Legacy decklist Mount Rushmore?

    UR Delver assuredly deserves a spot! o_O
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    Play Vintage

    I second this! :love:
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    The Brothers' War...let's discuss some lore!

    I think the story is great! Really looking to see how it goes! :eek:
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    Nice to meet you!

    Hello Angeliana! Nice to have you on board.
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    Hello Black Lotus! Nice to have you onboard.
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    Competitive-Format Wishlist - Add to MTGO

    Please, add Poxwalkers
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    How to scroll down when graveyard/exile pile is full in a commander 4 player game

    Hello, 9inchnails. I would try using the mouse wheel. If your mouse doesn't have one available, I'm unfortunately out of ideas. Stay strong.