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    Backlog Astral Dragon and Necromancy doesnt work correctly

    Astral Dragon copying Necromancy does not bring back creatures from the grave, so the players dont get the ETB and LTB triggers. It should work bringing the creature back then not being attached, then going to the grave and only then the creature dying. Game ID: 861344990
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    Fixed dragging a reserved card should not deselect it (it didn't used to)

    It is irritating for sure. Hope it is a easy fix.
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    Confirmed Esper Sentinel consumes mana even if no is choosen

    If Im not mistaken it is this one 859614266
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    Confirmed Esper Sentinel consumes mana even if no is choosen

    I tapped a forest for mana when Esper Sentinel asked yes or no. Choose no and my opp drew a card and my mana was consumed anyway.
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    Setting to remove moving blue outline on left window

    Yes, I understand what it was trying to accomplish, but it is weird. Also the letters get fuzzy when the blue outline is there. While u are tinkering with this part of the windows, u could also make the font bigger...
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    Implemented Foils that actually look good.

    The new foil is kinda cool but it is too much "washed"...still not better than the non foil.
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    Recent Tab for Collection

    This is usefull
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    Confirmed Diabolic Servitude bugged

    It is definitely bugged. just encountered the same bug. reanimated creature died and nothing happened with diabolic servitude....
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    Implemented Foils that actually look good.

    Agree as well, foils should be better loking than normal cards
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    Backlog Controlling opponent's Augur of Autumn allows me to see top of opponent's deck during combat

    I stole my opponent's Bolas Citadel with Zealous Conscripts and when it was going back to them, it showed (fast, but with enough time for me to see) their top card. Opp confirmed that that was the card that they draw for turn.
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    Email with player stats at the end of vintage cube season

    Any chance we can receive an email at The End of cube season with our performance? Maybe wins/losses/trophys/most drafted cards...
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    Fixed Correct event times to work with 24h clocks

    Some countrys use 24h clock on windows, although MTGO show the event time on my timezone, it keeps using 12h time. The problem is that it doesnt show 'am' or 'pm' next to time, so it is very cofusing. My suggestion is that is show the event time in 24h format (respecting windows format of the...
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    Keeps Reinstalling

    the icon changes overnight, even leaving MTGO open, and you know next time u open it will reinstall...
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    Keeps Reinstalling

    Mine also is reinstalling almost everytime I open it. Also, the icon loses the planeswalker symbol and just looks like a generic .exe
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    Dont ask me again to agree to TOS and other first time screens

    Everytime we install mtgo again (happens a lot) we need to 'read' the TOS and agree again. After an install, we also receive again the message about matches starting automatically. Can you implement a change where we dont need to do that every install? (Only when something changes) Thank you
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    Declined Discount when buying multiple tix

    Any chance to have some bundles of tix on the store with a discount? I would buy more tix at once if there was some kind of discount. Like 100 tix for 95 or something.
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    Undo Landrops

    I think the rules wont support this
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    Automatic X on cards with X cost

    When casting a X cost card or activating a X cost ability, the game could see if you have mana in your pool and suggest that ammount for X. For example, activating Lair of the Hydra with 8 mana on the pool should suggest X=7 (since Lair ability is XG)
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    'Are you sure?' warning when something is going to kill yourself.

    Yesterday I reanimated a 8 mana value creature on vintage cube and killed myself. MTGO should display a warning like on Arena saying 'Are you sure?', since reanimate makes you loose life and can kill yourself.