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    Confirmed Bug of not being able to block creatures with Menace if you only have one creature and are forced to block

    There is a similar confirmed bug related to force blocking. It would be nice if that one was fixed along as well.
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    More Info Needed Mindclaw shaman

    Not revealing hands when it doesn't find a target.
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    Fixed Favorable destiny

    Not giving shroud to opponent creatures when they are enchanted and when conditions are met.
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    Fixed Selvala, Explorer Returned - Parley ability not working correctly.

    Its adding mana equal to the number of land cards, instead of nonland cards.
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    Backlog Agitator Ant

    Puts 4 counters on your creature instead of 2.
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    Backlog Tormod, the Desecrator

    Shuffling your graveyard into your library triggers Tormod's ability for each card leaving your graveyard, instead of only once.
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    Could Not Reproduce Significant amounts of Storm-Kiln Artist triggers crash the game

    If you have 10+ triggers of anything, the game will often crash. I do 1 trigger at a time when dealing with 10+ triggers so the game doesn't crash.
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    Confirmed Meld commander doesn't count as commander

    Play Bruna, The fading light as a commander. Meld her into Brisela. She will stop doing commander damage, and if she dies there is no commander tax added into her.
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    Not A Bug Changeling does not give full party

    Thanks, didn't know that. It is not well documented tho, at least not in the way the ability is described.
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    Not A Bug Changeling does not give full party

    I think the bug is with the party mechanic final number. It counts the number of creatures, when the number of creatures is irrelevant. What matters only is the number of creature types that have been spotted.
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    Not A Bug Changeling does not give full party

    Play with Nalia D'Arnise as your commander. Play a changeling. Party will go to 1-2 instead of 4.
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    Fixed Skyclave Relic Tokens do not untap, can't be untapped with Manifold key either

    Token copies do not untap during their untap step.
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    ETA on bugs getting fixed?

    Ok Thanks. I'll keep an eye on them.
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    ETA on bugs getting fixed?

    Some bugs are gamebreaking and it would be nice if we knew when are they going to get fixed. Appreciate the work but bugs need to be at the highest priorities.
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    Fixed Scrap Trawler is Blue

    o _O
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    Confirmed Elspeth Conquers Death - 3/4 player games

    Yeah, i reported it as "Until your next turn effects last forever if the source player loses the game". It seems to happen more often than realized, so I hope it gets addressed.
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    Backlog Opponent's turn ends when they concede instead of going through the steps and phases

    Hello I think my bug report is different from what was stated by OP, as it applies when the player loses the game during other players turn. Applying rule 800.4j wouldn't fix my bug. My bug is fixed by applying rule 800.4a. For example in the card "Dovin, Hand of Control". If the card's owner...
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    Not A Bug Flip Walkers mana value

    They changed it? Oh ok I didn't know that. Thanks. I was looking at this rule from gatherer: "The back face of a double-faced card doesn't have a mana cost. A double-faced permanent with its back face up has a mana value equal to the mana value of its front face." Kinda confusing rule since I...
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    Confirmed "Must be blocked" ability

    If two opponents are attacked and the second opponent in turn order was attacked by a creature with a "must be blocked" ability, the first opponent in turn order will be asked to block the creature even if he/she was not attacked by it, making the player become stuck and the game will be unable...