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    Drawing cards face down

    I randomly started drawing cards face down. There are no effects forcing them to be face down, and I believe there isn't such an effect in Magic at all. I was able to click on them and see their costs - e.g. the leftmost facedown card is a Talisman of Curiosity, which I cast after this...
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    Not A Bug Unable to cast Obscuring Haze from exile for its alternate cost

    601.2b is not in contention; we agree that a player can only apply one alternate casting cost to their spell. The relevant CR for Gonti's cost reduction ability is as follows (I have bolded the relevant portion): Neo's example with Baral and casting an overloaded Cyclonic Rift is a good...
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    Not A Bug Unable to cast Obscuring Haze from exile for its alternate cost

    Hi Torbin, this is a bug as reported. Gonti's ability is not granting an alternate casting cost to the card. See the listed CR below. Please do not confuse the last part of Gonti's ability as an alternate casting cost. As another example, Blightwing Bandit is templated the same way as...
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    In Progress Venerated Rotpriest and storm mechanic

    Sauteed_Onion, please upload your screenshots to a web image host like Your links are linking to your local OneDrive, which is not publicly accessible.
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    Confirmed Ulalek does not copy all triggered and activated abilities

    Hi Torbin, I disagree with this tag. Kindly see the CR listed below for the definitions of mana abilities and non-mana abilities. I have highlighted the pertinent portions of the text. Per CR605.4a, if Path of Ancestry's triggered ability was a mana ability, it would not go on the stack. Since...
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    Confirmed Ulalek does not copy all triggered and activated abilities

    I control Ulalek, Fused Atrocity (my commander) and Path of Ancestry. I tapped Path of Ancestry for its second ability, using that mana to cast Hideous Taskmaster. Since it shares a creature type with my commander (Eldrazi), the Path of Ancestry's triggered ability is added to the stack, along...
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    Fixed Initiative Triggering On My Opponents Upkeep

    Thirding this bug. Match # 267950885 - Game # 875124966
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    Fixed Few orbits through commander, MTGO encounters error/replay to last state

    Marath is currently bugged per my previous report here. Maybe they're changing something about it?
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    Not A Bug Kicked Vigorous Charge gives opponent life

    @OP This is not the intended interaction. SadPandaFace should have gained the life from the delayed triggered ability, not their opponent. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Neo is incorrect regarding...
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    Not A Bug Suspend and Archon of Emeria

    This is working as intended. You can only suspend a card if you could begin to cast that spell. Comprehensive Rules 702.62a. Suspend is a keyword that represents three abilities. The first is a static ability that functions while the card with suspend is in a player's hand. The second and third...
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    Confirmed Adeline, Resplendent Cathar

    Please include a game ID where this happened for you, or the bug report will be ignored by the development team. To answer your question, the tokens created from Adeline's triggered ability are not allowed to enter the battlefield attacking battles.
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    Confirmed Adeline, Resplendent Cathar

    This just happened to me in 2024. Match # 266936736 - Game # 871154974
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    Fixed Can´t find POXWALKERS with cabal therapy

    Can confirm that this extends to any card that requires a player to name a card. I was unable to name Poxwalkers or Triumph of Saint Katherine with Declaration of Naught.
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    Not A Bug Triarch Praetorian - no trigger

    This is not a bug. As part of the process of casting a spell, you move the object from its current zone to the stack. As far as the game is concerned, your Triarch Praetorian entered the battlefield from the stack, not the graveyard. CR601.2. To cast a spell is to take it from where it is...
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    Not A Bug Auras doesn't enter the battlefield correctly

    To back up what Neo001992 said, here is the ruling from Temporary Lockdown's Gatherer page: Aura cards exiled this way will return to the battlefield attached to a permanent that they could enchant (based on their enchant ability) chosen by their owner. They cannot enchant any permanents that...
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    Backlog Victory Chimes does not act like a mana ability

    Per the CR605.1a, a mana ability needs to meet three criteria. 605.1a. An activated ability is a mana ability if it meets all of the following criteria: it doesn't require a target (see rule 115.6), it could add mana to a player's mana pool when it resolves, and it's not a loyalty ability. (See...
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    Fixed Cryptic Coat and sagas

    The cloaked card is not supposed to have any replacement effects apply to it. This is a pretty old bug for facedown spells entering the battlefield where their faceup side would have some self-replacement effect (e.g. a saga entering the battlefield has a self-replacement effect of putting one...
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    Backlog Manifested Cloud Key still asked to choose a card type.

    Yes, this is not supposed to happen. This is a pretty old bug that happens with cards coming into play facedown - I believe there's another thread up for Cloak cards as well.
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    Not A Bug Case of the Gorgon's Kiss does not solve if one of the creatures is a token

    This is not a bug. Case of the Gorgon's Kiss's requires three or more creature cards to be put into grayeyards, and tokens are not cards. Comprehensive Rules 108.2b. Tokens aren't considered cards -- even a card-sized supplement that represents a token isn't considered a card for rules purposes.
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    Commander-Specific Wishlist - Add to MTGO

    Hi Tony, is the Commander Backlog viewable online anywhere?