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    Could Not Reproduce Died the turn after the One Ring Trigger resolved

    Was Questing Beast one of the creatures? The "Combat damage that would be dealt by creatures you control can’t be prevented" part of Questing Beast means the protection from the Ring cannot prevent the damage. Could also have been the Stomp side of Bonecrusher Giant but Questing Beast seems...
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    Fixed Wernog not giving clues to all opponents

    Wernog Rider's Chaplain's ETB/LTB ability does not function correctly in multiplayer. A maximum of 1 opponent is given a clue, no matter how many of them selected to Investigate. Note this bug was in place before and after the bug that made clues from Wernog not draw cards was fixed. Event...
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    Fixed Wernog, Rider's Chaplain clues do not draw a card

    Event number: 260108386 Game Number: 843640072 and Event number: 260167166 Game Number: 843877812
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    Fixed Wernog, Rider's Chaplain clues do not draw a card

    It also doesn’t work in 4 player games. Every time I’ve played it all 3 opponents have investigated, I’ve got 4 clues (which don’t work) and only 1 opponent gets one.
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    Commander-Specific Wishlist - Add to MTGO

    Many thanks, found them now. However Wernog is very bugged, only gives clues to 1 opponent even if all choose Investigate, also when activated they don’t actually draw cards.
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    Commander-Specific Wishlist - Add to MTGO

    The Stranger Things cards were listed as included in Treasure Chests on the announcement on June 27th but I can't find them anywhere, the rest of the cards listed are showing up fine.